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  • 13th June 2014
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Attendees : ajc, cathy, chris, chuck, kem, knut, Michael, Scott, Seth, Srini, Debbie, Lynne


Cadence workshop

  •  Peter: went well, code in good shape but we need to organize how to teach MAF better
    •  more cooking show style presentation walking through the code (showing the config and then build upon what the code can simplify for you)
    • viz layer needs development
    • Will change the naming of the binner to slicer, and change the iteration so slicer is iterable.
      • Lynne will write up the new slicer interface
    • Documentation and examples need to be put in place
  •  Kem: talks went well
    • Zeljko's talk will be broken into two and Kem will take over the cadence discussion
    • Peter will post the current talks (minus Kem and SteveK's talks)    


  • Chris: still need to resolve the session on DM algorithms with phosim
  • ajc will put Chris in touch with Rob McKercher and send round latest agenda


Next week's telecon is cancelled


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