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  • 11th April 2014
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Attending: ajc, george, cathy, srini, jim, debbie, steve ridgway, heather, chris, simon, kirk, richard, bo, john
Last weeks action items:
  • can we still have cgit with stash
    • still working on this but not solution yet found
  • post commit hooks to have check in messages sent to an email list (before April 14th)
    • this functionality is in place with a plugin and the mailing lists are set up
  • reproduce camera geometry with fix
    • on going but not completed yet

Parameter database

Discussion of parameter database and requirements
John - originally considered a db for phosim. File repository may make more sense (as the schema can changes). data/lsst in phosim repo could be the first definition
George - need to maintain the legitmization of the database and do this through Systems Engineering

CVS check in freeze (COB today) and transition to git

Heather will move everything over Monday

MAF - will do name flattening and then will move MAF at the same time

 Stash has personal spaces. Chris - forked MAF and asked where it can be put (into my personal space). You can set a personal space to be public if you want

 SPIE meeting in Montreal

Papers will need to go through publication board.

Next week will focus on planning for the next 3 months, DM summer 2014 requirements, M1M3 acceptance

Call in number: 866 330 1200
code: 518 2287#
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