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Attending: Bryce, Cathy, Chris, Darko, Peter, Rahul, Kem, Scott, SteveR, Veljko, Darko, Zeljko, Lynne 
ACTION: Email DDS to PST or T&S (ajc)
1. Updates and plans for the next month (which will lead up to preparations for the all hands): from opsim, MAF, catalogs, alerts
Opsim (Kem):
  • Michael fixed the arbitrary numbers of visits for universal cadence and is in testing
  • Working on uniformity of the survey (spreading out visits across time)
  • DDS timing is a blocker
    • holding up refactoring 
  • Rolling cadence for coherent units of sky
    • issue in the code (due to not using serendipity). Kem will work on finding right parameters to make it usable 

MAF and Sky models (Peter)

  •  For Skymodel
    • worked with michael coughlin last week
    • expect to have twilight model in place for the end of the month (including verification)
    • code is in lsst_sims/sims_skybrightness and lsst_sims/sims_skybrightness_data
    • currently can interpolate magnitudes across the sky
    • will consolidate the repos containing the data and code and migrate the opsim scripts to a coherent package
  • For MAF
    • needs to complete the plotter refactoring for MAF
    • question of Pandas as a mechanism for the group by (slicer) functionality as well as access to data (read/write)  
    • lots of discussion of general api within the simulations (and use of pandas) 
      • will revisit at all hands
NEO work (Lynne)
Webpage for an intro to simulations (Cathy)
New Tier 1 (Zeljko)
  • Accepting enigma_1189 as a baseline cadence
    • No fatal flaws found in run but some unexplained features
    • distribution of visits on sky biases west 
      • not clear where this effect comes from. Could be due to following a field west and then not being able to get back due to slew penalty
    • rolling cadence is not going to be delivered for the all hands (except in a one off manner) due to issues described above
    • longer than 30s visits is only possible on a filter by filter basis (not on a proposal basis)
    • Are small solar elongations possible? (Kem will look into it)


  • Chris put in github request to visualize diffs on python notebooks

Ran out of time and will address the rest next week


Alerts (possibly next)




3. Sprint organizations and demos

4. Completing the UK metrics and the directory structure for the contributed metrics.

6. Pandas in MAF?

7. AOB

We will bluejeans it as usual



Cadence meeting at all-hands


Tentative meeting schedule:

== Thursday, Aug 20, 2015 ==

Plenary presentations about LSST (the end session of the 2015 LSST Project All-Hands Meeting)

Plenary presentations about LSST observing strategy: status report, plans and goals for the 
workshop, introduction to white paper about LSST observing strategy (description of the overall 
strategy of the cadence workshop series, goals for upcoming workshops, accomplishments to date, 
open questions, and plans for future development)

Evening (7:30-9:00)
The Project and Community Town Hall Meeting:
“Everything you always wanted to know about LSST but were afraid to ask”

== Friday ==

Cadence group work organized by science topics, including but not limited to: the Galactic Plane 
(both static and time-domain programs), LMC/SMC, south Galactic Pole area, the Ecliptic plane, 
modifications of uniform temporal sampling, etc.).

Several parallel tracks, according to interests and technical background: 
a) General discussions, including funding for science preparatory work, follow-up planning 
(including transient broker discussions), cross-facility work, etc., 
b) Work on white paper about LSST observing strategy: discussions of goals and timeline, 
editorial assignments, etc., and
c) Hacking: discussions of detailed quantitative cadence optimization, including pseudo 
coding or MAF coding (supported by MAF experts)

Unconference: several parallel sessions whose topics will have been determined
during the day by the workshop participants.

== Saturday ==

Plenary debriefs by cadence group leaders, and planning for work beyond the workshop.

Workshop ends with lunch on Saturday. It will be possible to hold Science Collaboration 
meetings after lunch. If there is interest in such meetings please contact the chair of your 
Science Collaboration. If there is desire to hold a splinter meeting, please contact the SOC 
(see below).

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