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  • 10th January Simulations Meeting
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10th January Simulations Meeting

Attending: ajc, Srini, Kem, Peter, Chris W, Lynne, John, Simon, Bo


ACTION: Create issues and scrum board for the next set of tasks (due date Jan 30th 2014: OpSim Feb 10th 2014 because of the review)

  1. An introduction to Jira Agile, which we will be trying out as a means of managing and scheduling work
    1.  Walk through of JIRA agile (creation of issues, epics, stories and scrums
    2. We will use gotomeeting for this (details below)
      1. Meeting ID: 201-757-847
    3. Scrum and agile development outlined with examples of a scrum board (with epics and stories) and sprint shown here 

  2. Questions about JIRA agile

    1. Are there many stories per epic?
      A. Yes.

    2. Can you assign multiple people to a story?
      A. No, but the stories are supposed to be fairly fined grained (7-14 days for one person).

    3. Can an epic be viewed by all boards in a project?
      A:  From Atlassian: "... you can have multiple boards using the same project, however you need to keep in mind you can't have different Sprints in each board. If you start a Sprint in one board, this Sprint will appear in the other board. This because the Sprint information is stored in the issue itself, so if you have that project in another board, the sprint will be there....Also, we have a project currently in "Labs" to handle this restriction (see Parallel Sprints), but please note it may change from it's current implementation."

    4. How do bugs get added to epics/sprints
      A. Reporter creates an issue.  Then the project will assign the issue to a sprint.

    5. Can a story be part of multiple epics?
      A: Alex says "yes." Atlassian says no but you can use components to link stories in different epics 

    6. What is the relationship between Agile and Jira?
      A. It is part of Jira and an interface to Jira.  All issues are shared.

    7. Srini: First write an issue (without knowing story/epic).  Then add issues to the epics and then do scrum
      A. That's fine, but when you have a priori knowledge you can do it the other way too. 

  3. Actions 

    1. Create issues and scrum board for the next set of tasks (due date Jan 30th 2014: OpSim Feb 10th 2014 because of the review)

  4. Postponed 

  1. Updates 
    • FDR 
    • Opsim review plans
    • Catsim
    • Phosim
  2. AOB


Call in number: 866 330 1200

code: 518 2287#


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