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Operations Boot Camp 1

Boot camp feedback form

Slack: #rubinops-bootcamp

October 13-15. 0800 - 1300 PDT

There may be co-work sessions before or after that core time.


This boot camp serves two main goals 1) to make a brief introduction to Rubin Operations for staff and collaborators who may not be familiar with the current plans for operations and 2) deliver hands on and more detailed information for individuals working on operations activities in 2021. This is to be a workshop format with questions/discussion and hands on sessions. Full Survey Operations is still ~3 years away and many tools and systems are still under construction. 


  • Folks who will need to onboard to participate in delivering Data Preview Zero (DP0.1)
  • People interested in getting oriented with what Rubin Operations is. 


(The bootcamp is informal, and the agenda may still be modified)

Day 1 (8 am to 1 pm PDT) 

  • 8:00 Introduction to Rubin Operations (Chair Frossie Economou)

 Slides, to be viewed ahead of time 

Day 2 (8 am to 1 pm PDT)

Day 3 (8 am to 1 pm PDT)

Special Event: Friday Oct 16th (8am)

  • Deploying Kubernetes services with ArgoCD (Christine Banek) Video recording
    • This is a talk aimed at devops engineers that deploy k8s services
    • Familiarity with typical Kubernetes deployment practices (eg. Helm) is assumed
    • This session will also cover information IDACs would need to deploy Rubin Science Platform services
    • See also
    • 8am PT / 16:00 London / 17:00 Paris / 18:00 Athens
    • BlueJeans