This space is obsolete and unmaintained. The entire content of the DM Developer Guide is now maintained at .

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The Central Repository

The LSST distributed source code Version Control System is git. The authoritative collection of source repositories are in the LSST github organization at  The git tool is necessary for source code development and access; it can be installed, if desired, along with the LSST Stack distribution, which presumably you have already installed (if not, see Building the LSST Stack from Source). Some developers will want to use a GUI to perform operations with git. There are several GUIs available; gitk comes pre-packaged. A particularly nice alternative for OS X is SourceTree  

Repository Access

As LSST DM is an open-source project, anonymous (read-only) access to the repositories is provided to the world (using the http protocol or the ssh+git protocol). To download, for example, the afw package, type one of: 

git clone
git clone

The above will clone the repository for afw and place it into the subdirectory ./afw of your current working directory.

The bulk of the remaining content on this page requires developer access permission.

Further Reading


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