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Discussion, documents, and meeting notes for LSST's authn/z and IdM needs across all of its domains:

  • Observation site operations (summit and base)
  • DM operations (observation base site and archive)
  • Data Access Centers and VOEvent Broker
  • Education and Public Outreach
  • Project Office and business operations
  • Meeting Notes

Email list:

Requirements Gathering

We'll need to catalog the systems and services with which the IdM will need to interface.  

Please add information to the LSST IdM integration Inventory.

See also:

Space contributors


  File Modified
PDF File LSST IAM SOW 2015-10-1.pdf Sep 25, 2015 by James Basney
PDF File LAAIM-Arch.pdf Draft LSST IAM System Architecture Oct 21, 2015 by James Basney
PNG File LSST Web SSO - CILogon Example.png Jan 14, 2016 by James Basney
PNG File LSST Web SSO - Globus Example.png Jan 28, 2016 by James Basney
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation 2016-02-lsst-auth.pptx presentation at Feb 2016 JTM Mar 02, 2016 by James Basney
PDF File lsst_iam_biweekly_awithers_mar10_2016.pdf Mar 10, 2016 by awithers
Microsoft Word Document LSSTIdentityandAccessManagementDesign.docx Aug 08, 2016 by James Basney
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Tucson IdM system WBS 2017-08.xlsx Aug 10, 2017 by pdomagala
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet LSST Identity Mgt. requirements.xlsx Aug 10, 2017 by pdomagala
PDF File LSST_IM_SOW v2.pdf SOW for work done CY17 Q4 Feb 08, 2018 by Joel Plutchak
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation LSST-IAM update-2018-03-14.pptx Mar 16, 2018 by awithers

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