Install an EUPS tag.

It constitutes a wrapping around eups distrib install -t EUPS_TAG EUPS_PRODUCT.


  • each successful build shall be related to the conda environment where it has been done


  • the system shall have conda installed (anaconda or miniconda)
  • eups is distributed as conda package


  • install lsstinstall as conda package in the conda base environment

What it does:

  • creates a local lsst_wrk folder (configurable with environment var LSST_HOME)
  • checks wich conda environment shall be used (from scipipe_conda_env)
  • if it does not exist::
    • creates it
    • creates a loadLSST-ENV.bash to activate it, and store it in a LSST_HOME subfolder
  • activate the environment
  • execute eups distrib install

What is missing:

  • the possibility to change between environments
  • this is similar to lsstsw/envconfig, but can't be the same

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