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Target releaseNeeded internally as soon as practical, but not for DPs
Document status
Document owner
DependenciesSHOW TABLES etc. already work on Qserv
Portal status


  • GPDF/FE/CS discuss whether Felis is a requirement for TAP visibility (eg in Consolidated DB)


  • Reduce user confusion; improve uniformity of the user experience

Background and strategic fit

We have considerable history now of it being confusing for both staff and users to have an inconsistent meaning of "dataset X has been deployed" - when it's available on the database but not actually visible through the data-discovery tools in Pyvo and the Portal.

During the highly dynamic verification and commissioning period it is going to be important to be able to make tables visible even if they have not been fully "curated" with complete, high-quality TAP_SCHEMA metadata.


  • This capability can be delivered in at least two ways which are both acceptable:
    1. Dynamically generate minimal TAP_SCHEMA content for the actual current content of the back-end database;
    2. Have a "pushbutton" means to automatically generate minimal content from the database schema on demand.

Related subsystem issues


The necessary information would already be available via the appropriate SHOW TABLESSHOW COLUMNS , etc., SQL queries to the databases.  No additional database work would be needed.


FULL SUPPORT - Firefly already uses TAP_SCHEMA extensively and would successfully use the "minimal" version envisioned here.


#TitleUser StoryImportanceNotes
1Allow suppressing specific tables/schemasThere may be tables on the back end service that are specifically  not intended to be user-visible.  We need a mechanism to remove those from TAP_SCHEMA.  But this should be an explicit action, not a side-effect of default-no-TAP_SCHEMA behavior.
2Deprioritize "minimal TAP_SCHEMA" tablesEnsure that the default schema_index  and/or table_index  values for tables that are not  represented by properly curated Felis data are larger  than for any curated content.  (Currently we are getting all new content at index value 0, ahead of all the curated content.)

User interaction and design


Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:


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