Major Milestones

Webserv service for SUI - v1

Delivered first version of the webserv. It includes 3 components:

  • dbserv component that allows to submit SQL queries

  • metaserv component that delivers basic metadata information about available repositories

  • imgserv component that delivers images

Major User-Facing Functionality and Interface Changes

Defined and documented RESTful APIs

Defined and documented RESTful APIs for webserv, see API. It is a living document that we keep updating as we discover new needs.


Major Non-User Facing Functionality and Interface Changes

Webserv implementation

Implemented webserv. It relies on db module (which relies on SQLAlchemy), and flask. Addressed problems related to long-running services (e.g., mysql time outs). Decided how to version different versions of API.

(DM-2364, DM-3398, DM-2279, DM-2243, DM-1978, DM-2281, DM-2359, DM-2095, DM-2161, DM-2542, DM-2137, DM-2094)

Image Stitching and Rotation

Researched how to support cutouts from images with overlaps. Implemented images stitching

(DM-1893, DM-2013, DM-2027, DM-2159, DM-2467)

Designed and implemented support for DDL in metaserv

(DM-1770, DM-1880)

Defined and implemented JSON results for Data Access services

(DM-1868, DM-2171)

Error handling

Defined how errors are handled. Implemented it. 

(DM-1980, DM-2537)

Python client

Implemented simple python client, used for testing webserv. Also serves as an template / example how to talk to webserv.



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