This page is intended to collect a schedule, ideally at at least DM-work-planning-cycle length, showing all planned formal tests and externally visible deployments of the LSST Science Platform.  This should include demos of the LSP at conferences, tutorials, workshops, hackathons, and so on.

The purpose of this page is to ensure that all LSP staff are aware of upcoming commitments.  This will facilitate coordinating integration and test activities that may be needed to ensure that the deployments are ready and fit for purpose.

The "required elements" columns are for portions of the LSP beyond the basic "JupyterLab/Jellybean plus vanilla Firefly" level.  I.e., they answer questions like "what data are required?", "is Qserv required?", "are DAX services required?", "is a true Portal required?"

ActivityDatesInstance to be usedLDAP GroupNumber of users expectedDuration of exerciseDistinctive/new features, if anyDatasets and notebook reposDB/Qserv?DAX services?Portal?Directly relevant tickets
DPS/EPSC, Geneva2019-09-15 to -20TBD

LSST@Asia, Sydney - tutorials and demos


Tutorial: Tues 21 May, 9:00- 10:30 AEST (16:00-17:30 PST)


1.5 hrs

AURA member reps Townhall2019-04-28 to 2019-05-02

No accounts will be created - Simon Krughoff will give a demo

3*30-40 mins

COMT-175974 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LSP Review - demos of LSP status and features2019-04-10 to -12lsst-lsp-int, probably

Past Events

DESC Winter Collaboration Meeting - Hack Day2019-02-25 to 2019-03-01 (the hack day is 2019-03-01)

01 - 1.5 h on the morning of 2019-03-01

Simon Krughoff will connect remotely and run through 1 or 2 demo notebooks of interest to DESC science. We will not set up user accounts for this meeting

Demo at "Astronomical Time Series 2019", Heidelberg


16:00 - 17:30 CET (7:00-8:30 PST)

lsst-lsp-stable at NCSAlsst_int_lspdev_ats201913 currently requested, maximum 201.5h demo, perhaps with access provided for users for the rest of the conferencePossibly accessing Gaia DR2 data at IRSA via Firefly?
AAS 223 LSST science pipelines tutorial

2019-01-06 through -11, main activity on 2019-01-08 

lsst-lsp-stablelsst_int_lspdev_aas2019w20 for each of two consecutive sessionsone day, two 3-hour sessionsprocessCcd followed by image/catalog display with Firefly



notebooks: AAS_2019_tutorial


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