Forced Photometry demo 2017-Mar-06. Screen recordings of Jupyter notebook interacting with Firefly server on PDAC.  The Jupyter notebook server is running on the PDAC server in this example – eventually the notebook would be served by JupyterHub. The demo show the setup of a user-written callback function that is made available in Firefly to perform forced photometry on a user-specified point, on Stripe 81 data available in PDAC v1. No audio. 

Best version: 4 min 48 seconds, with more explanations of what is happening in the Jupyter notebook side.


Next best: annotated version.The recording length is 3 min 3 sec.


Original version: at full speed with no annotations. 3 min 3 sec duration.


PDAC portal demos:

4 minutes, images search and manipulation:

2minutes 28 seconds, 2D plot and histogram:

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