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  • Discuss the  Firefly support for DQA and Camera visualization work 

Discussion items

  • DQA will
    • validate the software release in the development cycle
    • validate the Data release in camera ready test
  • DQA needs to have the code to
    • gather the metrics generated by pipeline during the data process
    • compute the measurement metrics necessary to validate the code
    • display metrics in 2D XY plot(histograms ...) and images to validate the data quality
    • be able to drill down from FOV to raft, to CCD, to amplifier to examine the data, including images and related metrics
  • Camera needs
    • almost the same as DQA needs, except maybe different metrics gathering
    • raw images that camera team get
  • SUI support:
    • provide a pluggable framework to enable a plugin to do computation on selected data
    • a visualization toolkits/components that can be put together easily as a WEB UI
    • components needed:  FOV, raft, CCD, amplifier

Action items

  • Trey Roby prepare a demo for camera before meeting with Tony Johnson at SLAC on March 25-26.