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  • Major display components discussion

Discussion items

  • 2D plots, 
    • select a list of random points(like Mac click, then command-click) in plot and have them reflected in the table, or vice versa, brushing/filtering
    • Multiple plots of the same data model, 
      • different set of X,Y columns and different axises
      • same X (say time), multiple Y values (u, g, r, i, z, y flux value), same axis
      • same X, multiple Y axises for Y values
      • labeling of X, Y axises, especially time label
      • save the plot in a publish quality JPG or PNG file
  • WWT, JPG, PNG files rendering and color change on client side using mouse sliding, how true is it to the original FITS image manipulation?
  • Components and capabilities summary:  Firefly visualizers feature set as of 2015-03-10



Action items