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  • Understand one time series use case 

Discussion items

  • XY plot: more functions and algorithm improvement
    • Better algorithm for data binning
    • Density plot
    • Histogram
  • Movie of an object in time 
    • To study photometry of a fixed object, the image frames should center on the fixed position
    • To follow the movement of an object (high proper motion, solar object), the image frames should center on the predicted position of that object
  • A new kind coadd image generation, if needed
    • a super nova exploded, someone may want to make a coadd of all the visit images before/after the explosion. 
  • Overlay of moving object
    • trajectory
  • Relationship between independent display component and the SUI portal
    • We need to supply ways for user to get back to SUI portal from one simple independent display component as long as the data contains enough information to do so.  For example: a simple table contains the unique LSST source ID, user wants to see the image that source was extracted from, or all the  images that cover that source.
    • SUI portal should allow user to save the related data in workspace and bring them up for display together, maintaining the relationship.
  • Diagram of Time Series concept


tabledisplay a tabular datadata: a tabular data
  • minimum header information: column name, type, unit
2D plotdisplay a XY 2D plot

data: a tabular data

X, Y column names to be plotted

if table and 2D plot components share the same data, they

will work interactively in sync, table row highlight reflected in 2D plot.

table and 2D plotcombine the above two together

data: a tabular data

X, Y column names to be plotted

highly coupled interaction between the two displays of the same data

Action items