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  • To identify the areas that we need to work on for next few months to reach the point that we have good SUI design.

Issues discussed:

  • Workspace concepts
    • To make our system installable at user's site, workspace should not be tied with LSST server at NCSA
    • Workspace for SUI server needs to be separated from workspace for other purposes
  • Deployment model document
  • Identify the system hardware needs for short term development/test,  and the long needs at commisison
  • Scopes of SUI capabilities: must have; good to have; nice to have when we have leisure time to build
  • Further study of use cases to guide the design, approaching the same use case from different angles:
    • Web UI for general users, and special science interests groups
    • Supply the components needed for expert users to build their own system
  • APIs to access the functions in DM stack , maybe through Butler
    • To enable user to write their own code to search the LSST database and use the LSST DM stack to analyze data
    • one specific case: recalculate the LSST flux values (SED) with some user input

Action items