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October 21, 2014 12:00-2:00 PDT

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Discussion Items


Package reorganization

  • Frossie and Mario came up with 9 categories of packages that keeps inter-category dependencies down.
  • Initially to be used as prefixes, later could morph into reorganized repos.
  • Frossie to send around proposal.

GitHub transition

  • CCB has been notified of pilot.
  • Stash-to-GitHub is limiting factor; have technical ways forward on all issues.
    • Using git-media for large files, backed on rsync store or S3; need scons to use git-media.
      • Requires ruby, but available in all distros.
    • Associating Stash PR comments with commits using git notes.

NCSA infrastructure

  • Frossie sent some requirements.
  • Xiuqin to send some in near future after developer discussion.
  • Jacek sent some requirements; Frossie assumed Qserv integration tests in her requirements.
  • Goal is to finalize at DMLT face-to-face meeting.
Design Deep-DivesKTL

Face-to-face planning

  • Considered doing during AAS meeting in Seattle.
  • Mario would like it postponed even more.
  • Add a day to the February DM meeting; allows new hires to attend as well.
Action ItemFrossie

DM-1203 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • All production processes should log in UTC, in ISO8601 format.
  • Prototype on existing LSST cluster machine.