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August 19, 2014 12:00-2:00 PDT

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Discussion Items

Action ReviewKTL
  • Qserv dependencies added to stack by Mario.
  • Jacek to make sure copyright statements/licensing are sent to Robyn.
  • RHL to file a ticket about releases of pseudopackages including unnecessary packages.
Action RequestJacek
  • DM-1008 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • DM-1009 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Need better document on how/when to use each log level.
  • Jacek to send instructions to RHL on how to build it.
Action RequestKTL for Dick Shaw
  • Add ds9 to the stack?
  • RHL: We will continue to be able to use ds9 even if we move to something else.
  • Camera team may not have ds9 already.
  • JB: Do as "bring your own" with documentation and a link?
  • DS: Have already done that.
  • FE: Have a better error message if ds9 is not present?
  • DS: Kind of late at that point.  Put in
  • Should keep minimal.
  • Keep in mind this category of optional-but-useful packages.
  • Need a script to check for prerequisites; optional packages could be put in there.
    • FE to create a ticket for this.
Design Deep DiveKTL
  • Level 2 Calibrated Exposure Processing differences from L1
  • Crosstalk correction
  • Master calibration products (including extra ones beyond L1)
  • Source measurement
  • PSF estimation may use entire focal plane, wavefront sensors, history of wavefront data, PSF model built up over time.
  • Items from LSST2014 meeting
  • DS: Warnings about deprecated packages in doxygen and even at build time?
  • RHL: Two situations: where there is a replacement now and where there will be eventually.
  • When we know a package is likely to go away or have its interface change extensively, we should mark the package as such.  Doing it in the package summary page is adequate for now.
  • Package renaming and reorganization
  • JBosch: People should submit strawman proposals for debate.  Also come up with possible relevant issues like SWIG being slower for multiple packages.
  • FE: Want some idea of how repos work with each other; hard with a large number.
  • History: many packages for dependencies and developer interaction.
  • JBosch: Reorganize Python namespaces to make more sense; can be independent of git repos.
  • RHL: Focused proposal for objections might be better.
  • DS: Structure can be helpful explaining how packages relate.
  • FE: git modules are a problem.  Highly hierarchical namespace, but can be in one or a few repos.
  • JBosch: Namespaces that make sense conflict with dependencies.
  • JBecla: Qserv is all in one package.
  • Maximum package size may be set by sharing considerations.
  • FE can provide effort to implement.
  • Should do before moving off gitolite.
  • Aim to have proposal from Jim in the next week or two, have decision by end of September, get everything moved in a week thereafter (if necessary).