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July 1, 2014 12:00-2:00 PDT

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Discussion Items

  • Don provided proposal to pay for current usage in storage condo.  Seems like paying for 5 years up front makes the most sense.  No official SAT recommendation due to lack of quorum.
Data Center DesignDon
  • Don working on setting up a meeting with Gregory, K-T, and Clayco (NCSA machine room contractor).
Scrum RoomsDon
  • Helped a lot to have impromptu meeting space for people to communicate.
  • Generally like super.  Simon has some questions about git comments and usage.  Need to have a session with the Qserv team about eups/eupspkg.  No official SAT recommendations yet.
Design Deep-DiveKTL
  • Level 1 SFM has progressed; started on diffim/NightMOPS.  Mario says to beat up RHL for feedback.
  • Mario to schedule a session with the Qserv team about eups/eupspkg.