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Please use the table below to nominate key pipeline documentation issues which you feel should be prioritised during the F18 development cycle.

Some issues may be well described by a single ticket; if so, feel free just to mention that. Others may need more description — please add a concise summary of the issue, and link to any tickets you're aware of which are relevant. Be as specific as possible: “all the code is badly documented” isn't actionable.

Add your name to the “nominated by” to express your support for topics which you think are particularly important, even if you didn't originally nominate them. (But note that this is not a popular vote, and we won't necessarily simply address the topics with the most votes first.)

DescriptionRelevant Jira TicketsNominated By
Make all Python API documentation in numpydoc style (our standard for > 2 years)

DM-11558 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DM-13849 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DM-13587 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DM-13950 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DM-14136 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DM-14207 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Krzysztof Findeisen
Webpage of SourceCatalog flags

DM-6655 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Document the meaning of measurement flags

DM-6887 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Host a week-long "docufest" for writing pipeline documentation
Science user-level tutorial for ingesting a new dataset
Eric Bellm
Science user-level tutorial for creating a new obs package
Eric Bellm
Science user-level tutorial for running the image differencing pipelines
Eric Bellm
Conceptual overview of gen 3 Butler
Eric Bellm
Conceptual overview of superTask (maybe also Task, CmdLineTask)
Eric Bellm
"table of contents" introduction to the major stack packages

Proper idiomatic interactions between Tasks and Tables, e.g. as described by Jim Bosch in #software-dev

Colin Slater
Science user-level tutorial for using pipe_drivers to run tasks in parallel on the verification cluster
Eric Bellm
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