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Prototype Data Access Center (PDAC) meetings take place every other Thursday at 9:00 Project Time on the BlueJeans infrastructure-meeting channel:




Discussion items


FY18 acquisition planning
  • Will there be a need for My DB Platform (needed at a prototype level, need single database server, ~20 users) $20-$30k?
  • Anything else?
  • Per Simon Krughoff, need for MyDB is undetermined. He'll discuss it with the team and give us an answer by the end of the week.

qserv-master status

Procurement process

Action items



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  1. W.R.T My DB,s and in the larger scope of the three science platforms we will have in FFY 2018 or shortly afterwards).

    In the plan NCSA submitted, there are instantiations of the "Science Platform for Staff" at the Base and at NCSA.  We understand those two internal versions of the science platform have MyDB functionality and the database provisioning for those myDB's is in the  Consolidated database.  We have budgeted for the Two Science Platforms for Staff in the context of the Consolidated Databases for NCSA and the Base.

    We consider the DAC's (hence the PDAC) scale to the number of users, and that the MyDB technology can be different.  We also do not want to allow community users to have write privileges in the consolidated database. We have put a budgetary number in for the "DAC"  mydb provisioning  in the 2018 Annual budget, and Understand that the relational database technology choice for DAC MyDB may very well be different. 

    I am also wondering if the scope of this meeting is now "Science Platform" and not PDAC, and if so, can the title of the meeting be changed.