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Infrastructure meetings take place every other Thurs. at 9:00 Pacific on the BlueJeans infrastructure-meeting channel:



    • Coordination and planning of activities within the PDAC environment
    • Ensure effective use of these resources
    • Address PDAC issues
    • Refinement and continuous improvement of services, resources and processes

Discussion items


llst-dev maintenance status
  • Kian-Tat Lim suggests we start developing formal verification procedures.
  • Start with a punch list

qserv-master status

Need timeframe for delivery and transition to service

authentication and authorization


Aggregation point is the LSST Authentication, Authorization, and Identity Management Home page.

All who are involved in device, OS & service deployment should start filling in this table.

Kian-Tat Lim will take the lead on refining the architecture of the alert distribution services including components. Include Unknown User (xiuqin) and Unknown User (mtpatter).

Unknown User (xiuqin) will take the lead on identifying DM components that need to integrate with the IdM infra.

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PDF File NCSA QSERV Master replacement quote.pdf Aug 24, 2017 by pdomagala

Action items