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  • Review user feedback and current development issues for PDAC

Discussion items

metaServ status
  • Rebuilding after Jenkins, etc., issues
  • Will try to generate a new Docker container today, load data today or tomorrow, targeting tomorrow afternoon () for a running service
  • Have metadata for SDSS available to serve, created in a group work session that went through all the columns in the current PDAC data
  • Do not have WISE metadata yet
  • Looking into future mechanisms for carrying metadata along with data arising as afw.table outputs, so that these problems do not arise
  • SQLite export of query results from dbserv would facilitate providing metadata packaged along with the query results
  • IBE XML export of WISE metadata appears to contain units and descriptions, but not UCDs. Wondering whether the new TAP interface at IPAC could be used to populate the UCDs. Unknown User (xiuqin) will find out who would be the best point of contact for Igor Gaponenko at IPAC on this.
  • Discussion of the time required to build Docker containers and other Jenkins, CI, etc. issues, some of which are brakes on the speed of the develop/deploy/test cycle.

WISE data statusSLAC & IPAC

DM-9372 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Image metadata so far only loaded for coadds ("atlas images" in WISE-speak). Unclear which of many other available tables from the WISE sub-missions should be loaded into PDAC. IPAC folks will provide some specific recommendations.
  • Technological issue with Qserv in doing joins across multiple databases. Exposed by trying to load the AllWISE "Reject Table". Also relevant to doing joins across SDSS, WISE or across LSST, Gaia in Qserv. John Gates working on this. Database group does expect to support multiple databases with different director tables as long as they have the same spatial sharding definition.

PlanningGregory Dubois-Felsmann

Wil O'Mullane expects to make a statement of direction for PDAC in the next few days, which will require us to firm up the PDAC road map for this year and beyond. I will start using part of each of these meetings to work on that.

User feedbackKrzysztof Suberlak
  • Has been working on his report, putting it into LSST LaTeX template format. Unknown User (ciardi) provided feedback on how to format the report.
  • Some of what has been reported:
    • Bugs in time series viewer. One has been fixed, but now cannot get to time series viewer at all.
    • Bugs in periodogram service related to filter selection, display of unexpected data
  • Current version of report is here:
  • Some discussion of whether the home of the report needs to be moved to make it a DMTN. Will discuss at the DM-SST meeting tomorrow.

Action items