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  • Collect status, address remaining development issues required for PDACv1 completion

Discussion items

(Still being transcribed from notes)

Status: NCSAUnknown User (jalt)
  • No current hardware issues
  • May need some down time in a few weeks for a water line repair - still unclear if it will affect our hardware. Unknown User (jalt) will look into that and will provide advance notice if there will be an outage.
  • Monitoring:
    • Beginning work with an NCSA engineer on configuring monitoring. Have an initial set of ideas for what should be monitored. Will share these with the PDAC group to enable feedback.
    • Planning to use Nagios and will look into Ganglia. Open to other monitoring frameworks if there is a good reason.
    • Fritz Mueller will provide input today based on the monitoring configuration currently used by the Qserv group at IN2P3.
    • Gregory Dubois-Felsmann will ask Trey Roby and Loi Ly for suggestions.

Status: SLAC - metaservBrian Van Klaveren
  • Have been evaluating the existing code from the Bremerton version. Finding and eliminating a lot of dependencies on specifics of the database configuration then being used.

Status: SLAC - imgserv

Status: IPAC

Ticketing for PDAC

Forward planning

Action items