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Discussion items

 NCSAUnknown User (jalt)
  • NFS service
    • Tuning was performed this past week. A new NFS server was set up and both Tomcat nodes were restarted to bring this into play.
    • Applied tuning similar to that mounted on the development environment. Aimed at small file transfers and frequent file metadata requests.
  • Networking
    • Samba mounting was promised to come up this week, not quite yet ready.
    • Jumbo frames: update has been postponed
  • Holiday staffing
    • Lots of people will be away next week; the week after is the formal holiday. No official support from 12/23 through 1/3.
  • Data Management plan ("management of data", not DM)
 SLACJohn Gates, Brian Van Klaveren
  • Qserv performance and tuning
    • There have been a variety of small issues discovered with query performance and the completeness of the secondary indexes
  • DAX services
    • Trying to complete initial version of `metaserv` before next week.
    • `imgserv` - Trey Roby reports concurrency is much improved
      • Would like JSON return blocks when errors are detected
 IPACTrey Roby
  • PDAC interface status
  • General discussion of performance monitoring for the Qserv / PDAC cluster
    • Relative merits of Nagios, Ganglia, Kibana
    • Currently depending on temporary Nagios service set up by Fritz Mueller. Expecting to migrate this
    • Igor Gaponenko strongly suggests the use of Ganglia for more detailed machine-level monitoring
    • NCSA not able to put additional effort into monitoring during the first half of S17

Action items

  • Trey Roby Evaluate NFS performance on Tomcat servers after recent tuning