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Discussion items

  • Created PDAC networking and user accounts for developers
  • db04 note - concerned about level of vendor support, have escalated, expect IBM to replace motherboard on Monday, bring replacement hardware as well in case board replacement doesn't work
  • Fritz Mueller: should we include a hot spare in the next order? discussion of whether we've reached the point of being able to exercise rapid reconfiguration, no conclusion
  • Need to move meeting to an AM time slot
  • Need to finish work with Gregory Dubois-Felsmann on a JIRA project for PDAC issues

DAX: Brian Van Klaveren

  • Have DAX components running. Setting up another Docker database with the information for metaserv; have been using lsst10.
  • updating the API page with responses needed by Unknown User (ymei)
  • will be able to put dbserv up this afternoon for SUIT group access, will put it on port 5000, will be touching the lsst10 database for an existing (non-Qserv) database, DC_W13_Stripe82
    • see #dm-pdac for a sample URL that works
  • metaserv will still need more work
  • Unknown User (jalt): iptables has been set to avoid blocking intra-PDAC access
  • working under DM-7103 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • metaserv next, then imgserv
  • by end of meeting: dbserv is up!

Data: Igor Gaponenko

  • All images now moved to GPFS, file transfers from IN2P3 complete
  • Still need to finish reorganization of images
    • John Gates will do this as part of standing up imgserv, configuring Butler
    • Unknown User (jalt): organization should follow RFC-95 - Getting issue details... STATUS (re: immutability plan)
  • Will now turn to Qserv loading
  • Will need to engage NCSA for performance tuning - Unknown User (speckins)
  • Refers to GPFS 10Gbps bandwidth limit
  • Nevertheless, loading should only take a few hours because parallel loading is now working
  • Had to adjust partitioning parameters for the Stripe82 dataset to make the chunks smaller
    • Not clear why this is so much worse than in the previous Stripe82 "simulated database" at IN2P3
  • Final load is blocked by db04
  • Goal is to have a fully loaded Qserv behind DAX by  
  • About a week's worth of work needed on imgserv as well
  • Image file tests have been successful - can handle masks, WCSes
    • have put Gaia sources on top of images, everything looks properly aligned
  • About to start tests against the catalog data today
  • coverage image

Action items