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  10am PDT



Discussion items

network outage
  • Reuna needs to work in the La Serena - Santiago link on Tuesday 4th at 12:00 CLT, with an expected outage of 1hr. 

data taking
  • Repeated previous setup
    • disk write timeout from DAQ, increased image counter wihtout continuing
    • restarted and completed biases, darks, flats (just remaining)
  • need to move writting to different node
    • ultimately use the SSD on the DAQ. Pending deliverable (n day store)

data transfer

  • All calibs went to calib registry - not a seperated registry
  • right master shouldhave been picked up for processing
    • not sure we have tools to check


Hughe diffs in darks between nights - looks like wrong biases appllied. Monika are ran with correct one.

Action items