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Date Jul 8, 2014


Discussion Items


 * Working on messaging, debugging
 * Not going to actually send real VOEvents yet
 * Jeff and Mario added fields to many issues
   + Including DM-414, which is not yet on the release schedule
   + Steve to ask Jeff if that's appropriate


 * Using matplotlib to make bar charts showing when slots are active
 * Have done through scenario #3 (single job retry)
 * Can write rescue DAG after second failure for later human intervention
 * Using workaround for slot rank expression
 * yum update would get official fix if we use Wisconsin repository (not RH)

 * Submitting HTCondor jobs to daemons running in Docker at NERSC
   + Made separate image with DESDM eups stack
   + Getting stack installed on local disk to speed up paths
 * HTCondor team has been investigating different ways to use Docker
   + Could have a Docker "universe", like the Java one
   + Nothing official yet
   + OSG software packaging group are the ones who would do it
     - Might talk with GregD
 * DonP suggestion:
   + Use Docker containers to package calibration files?

HTCondor Group:

 * Miron interested in data placement
 * Want description of requirements
   + Job Rank works, but maybe other things could be done
 * K-T to extract from other documents/expand as necessary