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May 20, 2014


Discussion Items

Use of OpenStack/dynamic provisioning at NCSA?

  •  NCSA using static VMs
  •  Some projects have worked with EC2 occasionally
  •  Ask Bill Glick
  •  HTCondor working with that model extensively


  •  lsst-launch was updated so jobs were running on cluster as nobody
    • HTCondor domain configuration had to be fixed
  •  Still working on distributors
  •   Workers will be started while others are still running on that string
    • Will need multiple slots on same machine
  •  Cleaning up location-dependence


  •   Wave of jobs in one DAG

  •  Slow job leads to instability
  • Adding job hook for reporting/monitoring
    •  Via log file per slot or single shared log file
  •  K-T will come up with new scenarios
    •  Replace previous ones that turned out to be uninteresting

Action Items