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May 13, 2014


Discussion Items

  • All tasks through August need to be put into JIRA by tomorrow afternoon

Steve working on distributor stuff

  • Need permanent replicator/distributor connection instead of dynamic
  • See up to 20 seconds to start replicator jobs
    • Can probably adjust negotiator parameters to reduce
  •  Still working on making "stuck job" scenario work more optimally
    •  Cascade effect; job bumps another cache, doesn't use spare slot
Condor Team
  •  Dynamic ClassAds don't seem to be able to set slot-based parameters

    + Even for static slots (as opposed to partitionable slots)

    + startd_cron variables seem to be set for all slots
    + Todd will investigate
  •  Could do attribute across slots on node
    + With partitionable slots, can do custom resource binding
    + Probably need to have locking, reference counting of the cache
  •  CMS has time to work on previously-circulated cache design
  •  schedd can be told to keep claim for faster job startup

Action Items