TCT Meetings and Notices provide the history of decisions taken Data Management Technical Control Team.


  • The SAT Meeting 2014-10-21 approved a new set of names for the DM listservs and the simultaneous change of the read access permissions to be world-wide inclusive.  The TCT recommended that DM management approve this proposal; see TCT Meeting 2014-10-21 to 2014-20-28 for more details.
    • DM management approved  the proposal 28 Oct 2014.
    • DM-9 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • The SAT Meeting 2014-09-16 approved the inclusion into the DM Release stack of a new DM package, 'log', and a required 3rd party code, 'log4cxx'. Since the TCT coordinator was unavailable to move this forward, the request for TCT approval was immediately directed to the DM PM and DM PS.  They approved the inclusions as noted in:
    • DM-1009 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • The SAT Meeting 2014-09-16 approved the following statement:

    "Packages for optional features that are tightly integrated and expected to remain so should be distributed with the Stack; packages even if tightly integrated that are not expected to remain so should not be distributed.  DS9 falls into the latter case."

    • The TCT Chair asked to be provided with a list of all current third party stack software and their designation as tightly embedded and necessary, tightly embedded but transitory, and not tightly embedded and not in Distribution stack. The TCT's  DM Third Party Software document was updated appropriately.
    • The SAT Meeting 2014-10-14 revised their policy statement to:

"Distribution of optional packages from the DM software distribution server is allowed (but not mandated) as long as someone in DM is using the package and will own and maintain it. The exact mechanism for claiming ownership is to be determined."

  • The TCT has not discussed the standing of this proposal.
    • DM-1056 - Getting issue details... STATUS

accepted by the DM Project Scientist.

accepted by DM Project Manager and DM Project Scientist

accepted by DM Project Manager and DM Project Scientist

  • Meeting notes for meetings of the Data Management Technical Control Team from 1/29/2013 - 3/2014 were recorded within Trac Tickets generated specifically for each TCT agenda item.
    • 27 March 2014 
    • 30 January 2014
      • Policy: Updating Doxygen documentation on Master - #3111
      • Standards: write python 2 code in a way that looks ahead to Python 3 - DM/Policy/Python3Prep (also #2967)
      • Consider scipy inclusion into Release software = #2883, accepted with constraints
      • Standards: use of spaces around '=' in keyword arguments - #2916, accepted with modifications
    • 14 October 2013
      • Review 2 documents to add to DM baseline for FDR. #3026, accepted
    • 10 October 2013
      • Review collection of documents to comprise the DM baseline at FDR. #3024
    • April 2013
      • Install eups 1.2.32 in the next release of - #2753
      • Upgrade RHEL6 Clang 3.0 to Clang 3.2 - #2699,accepted with caveats
    • 7 March 2013
      • Remove 'review' field from tickets - #2659, accepted
      • Consistency in names/caps for typedef'd/Swigged STL objects - #2618, accepted
      • Upgrade activemqcpp to 3.5.0 - #2726,  accepted
      • Upgrade RHEL6 Clang 3.0 to Clang 3.2 - #2699,  recommendations for revision
    • 29 Jan 2013
  • The following entries link to the Meeting Notes from 2008-2013.  A one-page summary of those actions is at 2008-2013 Meetings Summary