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Jun 24, 2014



Sprint NC Sim June A closed

Sprint NC Sim June B should have been started 10 days ago; will be started as soon as K-T can arrange for DM-827 to be filtered out


 * Getting new VMs to continue work on implementing workers (55 slots)
 * Have to move paths to point to new shared directories under /lsst
 * Tested having more slots than CPUs
 * Will just log messages about filesystem and database activities
 * Figured out how to submit jobs to different HTCondor pools
   + From same machine using Python API
 * May try to have workers send real VOEvents


  * Implemented HTCondor-suggested workaround for slot-based ClassAds
   + Simplifies rank expression considerably
   + DM-676
 * Implemented HTCondor-suggested workaround for rank assignment problems
   + Also fixed in future versions of HTCondor
   + DM-892
 * Now moving on to slow worker and other scenarios
 * Speed of transfer of information from schedd to negotiator may be an issue
   + HTCondor team has ways of improving; need to see if it is necessary

Action Items