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Discussion items


  • in2p3 received 10 machines on Dec 22nd, the rest coming soon

S15 planning related discussion

  • metaServ: image search: need to change scisql, complexity goes up very fast, postgres might be better. In S15 do simple use cases only, and research whether to use postgres, or mysql is good enough. Also ask DataCat people about supporting postgres in dataCat
  • DM-1177, done, Daniel will update

Logging in non-core python scripts

  • many scripts are very isolated, standalone, simple, don't introduce our logging there, ok to stay with pure python logging


  • don't introduce just yet just for integration tests
  • instead use existing config format that AndyS is using
  • might revisit later and if we decide to use yaml, switch consistently in all places (loader, partitioner, integration tests)

Unique query id

  • Daniel will add comments to the ticket