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Discussion items





  • working on DM-1570, talking to Serge

  • busy in January, don't schedule any stories

Data Ingest

  • related tickets: DM-1674, DM-1074
  • goal: apps code generates calibrated catalogs
  • in DataRel we just ingest on table by table bases
  • compound types have been removed, simplifies loading
  • DataRel needs to map to NULL
  • DataRel needs to deal with blobs
  • DataRel needs to deal with aliases (different name for the same field, needed because different algorithms might use different aliases)
    • solution: create view with all possible names and aliases as virtual columns
  • DataRel needs to pack flags
    • output from dumps is not nice, but does not cause troubles
    • related ticket: handle binary, DM-1541, add it to S15
  • unit conversions, not needed, done in apps
  • In DataRel, most complicated case is metadata for images
    • getting info directly from fits headers, not afw
    • keep what we have, don't touch in W15
  • plan:
    • db team has enough info to proceed with DM-1674
    • implement single table loading in January
    • apps team will implement DM-1074 in January
    • integration DataRel + new Apps code before or during DM AHM in Feb
    • loading group of tables - TBD, not sure if in W15
    • discuss loading image metadata to database during DM AHM

Query killing

  • half baked, disable for now
  • properly implement in S15

Planning (all discussed captured in JIRA during hangout)

  • DM-1376 - will do
  • DM-216 - almost done, but blocked on serge
  • Side-tracked by swig
  • DM-1621 will be finished
  • DM-370, Daniel will do
  • DM-627 and DM-520 in dec
  • DM-655 hopefully today
  • DM-737 maybe on friday
  • DM-1615 and DM-1616 go to january
  • DM-1653 - try to close this month