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Discussion items

Add "data version" in zookeeper, to ensure the code we are executing is compatible with data in zookeeper

Related to DM-1338

  • Use case:
    • I'm working with qserv branch x, and I have run directory for that branch
    • I'm now creating qserv branch y
    • generating new run directory is slow, I want to reuse data from run directory that I created for branch x
  • Currently, we regenerate everything (that is "qserv_configure --all")
  • Add flag "–keepdata" - it will regenerate everything but keep data (mysql data, zookeeper data), including scisql plugin
  • Note that this means we will generate config files (with correct paths) bases on eups-managed environment, but we will not depend on how eups is configured when we are starting services. It is more robust that way

  • currently creates qservw_worker
  • that works for mono-node, but will break for multi-node setup
  • need to fix, need


  • where to keep the data about qserv metadata?
  • in one dedicated mysql instance. InnoDB (or even in-memory engine), master-slave replication


  • some testing done, no new code, we are ok with what we have now. Nothing to review. Can close


  • need to remerge/retest because master changed
  • then DM-1249


  • will be done end of this week, review should be fast


  • not done, but started, move to Nov


  • check fi Qserv compiles with C++11
  • probably we didn't see any issues because we don't depend on sconsUtils

other todos

  • get jira account for Vaikunth
  • plan Fabrice's work for Nov
  • revisit stories in DM-1030 (refactoring)