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  • Get together, resolve bottlenecks, make progress faster, plan, design, exchange ideas

Discussion items


  • Fabrice will be involved in some tests, but 2 people on the testing better
  • so involve Vaikunth, perhaps ~25% Nov/Dec, then continue after he is back

Finalizing S14

  • DM-750
    • previous version of SciSQL was not usable, packaged by Mario
    • Fabrice re-packaged it, changes done so far are for non-internet installation
    • Serge is blocking Fabrice (review)
    • now "install" deploys to mysql, but that is not compliant with eups (don't know mysql port/socket etc, so installing does not have enough info to proceed)
    • proposed solution: eups will copy files for "install" target, introduce separate "deploy" target
    • btw, that is needed for unit tests. One option would be to have own embedded mysql for unit tests
    • changes Fabrice did in waf script break all documentation
    • also, the old version was producing scripts used in datarel, so the new repackaging breaks datarel (runtime)
    • to fix that, need to move to the latest script Fabrice is working on (the "deploy" target)
    • will also need to turn off unit test for documentation
    • will be done by Friday
  • DM-746
    • should be easy, most already done
  • logging
    • DM-1005 (worker side)
      • need to rebase
    • DM-273 (czar side)
      • removed switching old/new logging, worker side did not have it
    • both of the above waiting for DM-199
    • need to push log to distrib server
  • need to update instructions to match with what is in the tip of the master
  • unit test DM-648
    • now we build and run unit test immediately
    • if unit test broken, won't be able to build any more
    • in DM: separate target, run all unit tests, even if some break
    • how to implement for qserv: by default, build and test, fail if unit test fails, but also, add special build target to just build, without testing

we deployed qserv_testdata on official distrib server during hangout

  • rebuild -t 9.2 qserv_distrib
  • publish -b b261 -t qserv qserv_distrib

(should have used different tag, 9.2 not supported because it has dot, but it was just ignored)


naming different groups of include header files

  • header for the class
  • then system
  • then third party
  • then lsst
  • then qserv
  • (we don't have the "lsst" group, and we call the last one "local" in most places)

Made progress with code review of DM-199

Note, Serge taking vacations in Nov

next hangout about eups, with Mario and Frossie. Next Wed. Starts at 11.

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  1. Hello Jacek Becla, Serge MonkewitzUnknown User (danielw), Andy Salnikov,

    Why don't we automate the creation of headers ? We could provide templates at the top of each file (#LSST_HEADER or #QSERV_HEADER) and then use a git hook to update the header at commit time ? author and creation dat could be retrieved from git. This solution would allow an easier maintenance of these templates. We could also let the template in the git repos, and generate the header when releasing the code.