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  • Get together, resolve all bottlenecks, make progress faster, plan, exchange ideas

Discussion items

building release on dist server

  • need Mario's help (permissions for lsstsw, or hipchat bot command)


no-internet download (DM-602)

  • we now have just a distribution server
  • want to clone and put somewhere on disk
  • rsync requires lsst account
  • wget and curl - hard to download all files in directory
  • don't want to maintain static tarballs for every change, every version
  • can't easily run custom script to eg generate tarball on the fly
  • need help from Mario / need new functionality
  • current version (static tarball) ok in the short term
  • update instructions: use standard install procedure (in addition to script) after installing local distribution server.


  • we want sconsUtils without dependency on eups
  • opened subtask (DM-1164)


  • "design and exploratory prototype"


  • decisions captured in jira


Action items