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Discussion items


Fine tuned W15 plan

  • DM-1034
    • check for scalability problems
    • spanning multiple file systems
    • idea: perhaps always bring data through butler to avoid silly copying of the same data, or bringing data without metadata
  • DM-1033
    • throw quick prototype early
  • Butler work and image archive - Swap assignment: AndyS with Serge


problems with building test program with g++ (GCC) 4.8.3 20140624

  • comment out the line that builds that test program, it is an obsolete test and will be removed
  • create story under refactoring: "remove code made obsolete by new xrootd port (czar and worker)" (see DM-1145)

publishing on lsst distribution server:

DM-602 (installing without network)

  • Fabrice has working draft

Topics for meeting with Monty

  • splitting myisam so that we can build it as lightweight library
  • proxy
    • lua painful
    • lua is single-threaded, can't block on calls
    • MaxScale and ProxySQL. Both seem lower in maturity than mysqlproxy. In both, the focus is on scalability and load-balancing, and customizability is focused on rewriting queries
  • narrow table for objectId, need efficient index, need some updates, 50B rows
  • worth trying Aria?
  • joint keynote about myisam at percona mysql conf?
  • borrowing mysql developer for 2-3 years?

package mariaDb distribution DM-1146

remove obsolete packages

Handy rss feed that captures all database related activities: