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  • Get together, resolve all bottlenecks, make progress faster, exchange ideas, do coding together

Discussion items

Planning (outstanding things)

  • convert to geom - 1 week for Daniel is reasonable
  • Fabrice: work on unit tests for various tests, 1-2 week of work would make big difference
  • need new loader to test refmatch
  • loader (dm-1037) - start in Sept, then 1 week in w15 is enough
  • integrating new loader (that is mostly docs, examples, maybe some scripts)


  • partitioner is now a separate package, hmm, will we need to put it back into qserv?
  • would be useful to have built tools that build only certain part of a module
  • geom is now a separate package, not sure if apps will use it (looks like maybe not), so maybe that should be integrated into qserv too

Non critical blocker

Fabrice working on installing qserv without internet access

  • this will use lsstsw tool, Mario working on a new tool bt, will it replace lsstsw? Will it complicate installing qserv without internet access? Need to check with Mario Juric

qserv repos now on distribution server

  • cutting releases through buildbot
  • we don't fully understand yet how this will be done, will see end of Aug, will work with Unknown User (robyn) on that

Standard for documenting functions?

  • In header, close to declaration
  • Don't go overboard with documentations


  • We don't want to depend on "base"

Several code reviews done in real time during the hangout.


  • Fabrice this week
  • AndyH last and this week
  • Serge next week tue-thu