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  • Get together, resolve all bottlenecks, make progress faster, exchange ideas

Discussion items


  • almost done: packaged, reviewed, now need SAT and TCT approvals


  • closed during the meeting, tagged master branch as 2014_06.0, started August sprint

Data ingest

  • will do planning in Phoenix

DM-780 (access patterns for data distrib)

New candidate from CERN

  • probably sys admin more than a developer. Do phone screening first

Qserv on distrib server

  • get all external packages approved (sat, then tct)
  • then move in git from contrib to external
  • and put on lsst distrib server


  • brings dependency on sconsUtils and eups
  • log, db bring dependency on sconsUtils, can't avoid it anyway
  • close this issue next week w/Daniel
  • if eups would have a way to generate rpms etc, it'd make Daniel much happier


  • need Fabrice. Looks like his pull request was merged into eups

Migrating qserv to new logging

  • defaults in qserv: write to stdout / stderr, (then redirect in start up scripts to a log file)
  • passing log file: add option to to pass runDir (but check with Daniel before implementing)