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NCSA has set up a page to allow users to create their own "LSP" only (/jhome) directory.   It's for testing out or demoing the LSST science platform during the LSST2018 conference.   This will create their LSST account, and NCSA will keep it.   It will create only the directory structure required for running the LSP.   Users will NOT be able to run the LSP after the conference.  

Please follow these instructions because we also have a site under construction for the lsp add users that will be outside of the firewall when that is ready.  This is specifically foer the PCW 2018 (LSST2018) because it will put people into a LDAP group that is specifically for the LSP ONLY for the conference.   The users AFTER the PCW will not be allowed back into the LSP because of the firewall and will require a DUO token.   The hotel IP will be added to the firewall for the LSP during the conference.  

Users can sign up for an account for temporary access to LSPdev during LSST-2018 at the following URL:

Users who sign up will receive an email from '' asking them to verify their email address for their new account.

Currently the following group maintainers will be notified via email from '' to approve newly registered users:

Once they're approved by one of the above, their /jhome directory is provisioned within about 5 minutes. NCSA can add approvers for this list.   I think Simon Krughoff is working on a list of approvers during the conference.    Remember. This is ONLY during the conference.   All access will be revoked at the end.   In late October we will have a non-firewall version of the LSP allowing non-staff to have access to a small/demo version of the LSP for future conferences and other connections as needed.   

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