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Discussion items

Changing the meeting schedule
  • Frossie has sent out a poll for a new consolidated LSP meeting time; we're looking for a weekly meeting slot that will replace both this (biweekly) meeting and the LSP standup.

DAX status
  • Kenny Lo on vacation
  • Christine Banek working on TAP auth, including on the Python client side
  • Assisted with Sunday restart; brief discussion of why some images had to be rebuilt
  • Future issues:
    • ObsTAP – data provided by Gregory Dubois-Felsmann would need to be loaded into non-partitioned Qserv table.  Tooling for this is rusty.  gpdf says it's OK to do this after the ingest tooling is cleaned up this cycle.  Prerequisite for HSC-loaded milestone.
    • Integration of DB tables with ObsCore-format and CAOM2-format image metadata with Butler Gen3 registry database – needs to be understood this cycle.  Prerequisite for HSC-loaded milestone.  Fritz Mueller has the action to set up a design discussion when time permits.

SUIT status
  • Tatiana Goldina completed development of the WebDAV client changes needed to support the restricted-depth-PROPFIND WebDAV service that LSST is running, on a branch, test servers running at IPAC, gpdf and others to do testing, will get merged when she returns after  .
  • Kian-Tat Lim : reminder that lsst-demo  Firefly server failed to come back on its own after the power outage.  Kian-Tat Lim restarted the Firefly container, then the proxy, and thenLoi Ly restarted the proxy; after the second proxy restart it seemed stable for a day or two.  David Shupe found it unresponsive again this morning.  Unclear why it is suddenly flaky; it had been stable for a long time and nothing was deliberately changed.  Gregory will ask Loi to investigate.

WebDAV & auth
  • Rebase WebDAV containers off of nginx containers; in order to latest version of DAV extension, we need to build dynamic nginx modules in a build stage in Dockerfile
  • A&A: productized with Adam Thornton; Adam was able to install from scratch (on lsst-lsp-int) based on this work
  • Need to ensure that it can be run on the k8s-ncsa  cluster so that NCSA can test A&A against new versions of Kubernetes, etc.
  • Discussion of whether k8s-ncsa  needs to have an LSP instance; consensus (I think): no plan to run a persistent  instance there, but it makes sense to check that it can  be done from the LSP service configurations, so that NCSA itself can test to see whether new versions of Kubernetes, etc., cause problems with the LSP.

Deployment of A&A to lsst-lsp-stable 
  • Frossie Economou : will coordinate when this will happen (not on a Friday)
  • Brian Van Klaveren : we also need to reschedule the upgrade of the ingress
    • Do this first on lsst-lsp-int.  It's up to NCSA whether they want to do it on k8s-ncsa as well.
    • Then roll upgraded ingress out to lsst-lsp-stable; only then consider rolling out A&A to lsst-lsp-stable .  Fritz Mueller: remember lesson-learned: don't change several things at once.

Action items

  • Frossie Economou  Propose a date for the rollout of the LSP A&A system to lsst-lsp-stable