Collection of DM subsystem updates to LDM-240 following the DM AHM in February 2015


LDM-240 updated for FY 2015

 A final minor update of LDM-240 (v26) has been uploaded. It corrects some WBS references on the Dependencies sheet to correspond to recent changes in WBS definitions.

 A minor update of LDM-240 (v25) has been uploaded here and to Docushare, with a correction to the 02C.06 organization and a cleanup of a few outdated and unused rows on the Dependencies tab.

 A new version of LDM-240 (v24, for fans of an internal version number) is available with all the FY2015 changes merged. It is out for review by the T/CAMs. Jeff Kantor will mark it as the baseline in Docushare on Monday if no changes are requested by then.

The reference copy of LDM-240 to begin this process is the preferred version in Docushare (#12) as of 2/11/2015: direct link.

Subsystems are asked to review and update their rows (only) in the three tabs "Software Development Roadmap", "SW Dev Roadmap - Use Cases", and "Dependencies (transposed)".  Note that the dependency rows for WBS item X should record, in column Y, the other DM WBS components' release versions that version Y of X needs - that is, you record what you depend on, and how that evolves, not what depends on you.  (Please do not attempt to edit the "Dependencies (old)" tab; it's locked, but some programs may not respect that.  I've left that tab there for now in case anyone is concerned that I may not have performed the transposition correctly.)

If you spot the need to changes to other rows, please alert the CAM for that subsystem of that and have it come through their update.

When you have a draft, please update the version string in cell I1 of "Software Development Roadmap" to something like "v22_(string)", and upload a copy to this page.  All the updates will be collected centrally and edited into a new common version.  We appreciate your patience with this rather old-fashioned process and will look for better tools for future cycles.

Reference material

  File Modified
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet LDM-240 20150317-v26.xlsx Corrected some dependencies to follow WBS changes. Internal version v26. Mar 19, 2015 by Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet LDM-240 20150316-v25.xlsx Minor update to 02C.06 task assignment to WBS nodes. Outdated rows in 02C.07.03 removed in Dependencies tab. Internal version v25. Mar 16, 2015 by Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet LDM-240 20150310-v24.xlsx Initial merged version of changes for FY15 (includes some changes to later years, too) Mar 11, 2015 by Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet LDM-240 20150210-base-v22_ncsa.xlsx Mar 10, 2015 by Margaret Gelman
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet LDM-240 20150210-base-v22_xw.xlsx Feb 26, 2015 by xiuqin
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet LDM-240 20150210-base-v22-uw_pton-20150219.2.xlsx Feb 20, 2015 by Simon Krughoff
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet LDM-240 20150210-base-v22_jb.xlsx Feb 18, 2015 by Jacek Becla


  1. Mine was edited using LibreOffice, so it'd be best t copy/paste the text contents without formatting. I only touched the SLAC portion.

  2. The UW/Pton version has 2015 updates for just UW and Princeton

  3. Gregory Dubois-Felsmann - if you would remove the word "catalog" from 02C.01.02.02 I think I am good.