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Infrastructure meetings take place every other Thurs. at 9:00 Pacific on the BlueJeans infrastructure-meeting channel:



    • Alignment of NCSA-provided services with program needs
    • Ensure effective use of the current NCSA infrastructure
    • Refinement and continuous improvement of services, resources and processes
    • Plan for near- and medium-term activities

  • Discussion items
Review of last meeting notes
  • Any updates

Dedicated batch compute nodes (slurm)

Michelle Butler
  • Need a long term allocation process
  • need a policy on who should run on the batch compute and not on lsst-dev01
  • lsst-dev01 gets bogged down sometimes... need to manage that resource a bit better from a project perspective.
  • Do we need more LSST-dev01 systems? (lsst-dev02...etc)
  • more login nodes as submit machines, and then lsst-dev01 is a more managed resource?
  • something to think about
GPFS usageMichelle Butler
  • 3PB installed. NCSA is working on the areas of where all this storage will be allocated. Much storage is needed for incoming datasets and others. Need to put forth a proposal. After JTM
  • Home Directories quota. –
    • what users are effected by the quota, and get them underneath the quota, and the post in the MOTD or something about it.
    • Want a Inode quota too and same as above – who would be impacted by said quota (probably no one.. they are usually huge!)
DTN nodesMichelle Butlerhave been ordered but not arrived.
Kubernetes nodesMichelle Butler
  • Are installed and functioning. Very understanding early users are being put on the systems this week. (today/tomorrow) – Adam
  • Should create a doc for configuration and set up of the nodes
  • After early tests are complete, the process for changes are to open a ticket.
NCSA maintenanceMichelle ButlerMarch has the meltdown and spectra security patches. We are waiting for few more updates from vendors. Vendors are saying that they will post this week. I will nail down the timings of the update next week.
lsst-dev01 /tmp filling up

/tmp filled up this week due some 32G size files in the /tmp. Impact SHOULD have been minimal, but /tmp is not it's own file system and shares /root.

/tmp and /root need to be split so that they have their own file systems, and probably a cleanup/purge process for /tmp should be done daily to get of cruft.. but need to look at the files contained in /tmp to see what kind of policy might work.

revamp of accounts processMichelle ButlerI have no idea what this is, and will need to investigate this just a tad.
PDAC StatusUnknown User (xiuqin)Fritz said on the call today that he is going to start working on the Kubernetes config for the PDAC nodes.
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