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Infrastructure meetings take place every other Thurs. at 9:00 Pacific on the BlueJeans infrastructure-meeting channel:



    • Alignment of NCSA-provided services with program needs
    • Ensure effective use of the current NCSA infrastructure
    • Refinement and continuous improvement of services, resources and processes
    • Plan for near- and medium-term activities

  • Discussion items
Review of last meeting notes
  • Any updates

Upcoming maintenance

L1 test stand status

  • 20 nodes commissioned & in production.
Data transfer planning

FY18 Capability: Establishing Data Transfer between Sites
The Data Backbone file provisioning was procured in 2017. Data transfer services on top of the file services are needed, supporting production and development use cases.

The use cases include

  • File transfers by the workload management system for batch production.
  • Production ingest of Spectrograph and engineering data from LSST camera test stands.
  • Data service of retained data to remote authorized users.
  • Bandwidth demonstrations to support our satellite computing center at CC-IN2P3.

This capability will consist of DTN nodes that are in the LSST VM farm. These nodes will be part of the VSphere environment at NCSA in NPCF dedicated to the LSST environment. There will be production and test nodes allowing for development work of the tools while production work can continue.

Tentatively planning for Jan-Feb. deployment.

FY18 acquisitions & deployments


  • Kubernetes installation
  • Central Core Networking
  • L1 Test stand additions 
  • Possible PDAC additions
  • Dev & Integration Updates
    • Have had some availability & GPFS performance issues, the sooner, the better.
    • Need resource management policy, monitoring, mechanisms.
  • SLURM (verification) cluster additions
  • Establish Data Backbone
    • IN2P3 would like additional DTN's soner if possible.
  • DB consolidation (ORACLE RAC)
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PDAC StatusGregory Dubois-Felsmann
Topics for next meeting

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