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Infrastructure meetings take place every other Thurs. at 9:00 Pacific on the BlueJeans infrastructure-meeting channel:



  • Ensure successful use of the current NCSA infrastructure
  • Plan for near- and medium-term activities

Discussion items

Review of last meeting notes
  • Emergency patching this morning of all lsst nodes, Nebula excluded. Post meeting note: problems encountered upon reboot. 2 nodes (qserv-db12 & qserv-db27) failed to reboot. See the status page for details. Recovery can be tracked in the JIRA ticket IHS-330 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DAQ installationGregory Dubois-Felsmann
  • DAQ installation tentatively scheduled for the week of July 17th, days TBD
Identity Management
  • Start here for details of our IdM system.
  • input for IdM should be posted on the confluence page that Frossie started
  • request is in to create the appropriate LDAP group. Infrastructure and PDAC meeting members are invited to be beta users.
  • for now users will need to go through NCSA's VPN to access the monitoring page and data
    • Cyber Security has concerns about opening the service to the outside before it's production-worthy
    • VPN instructions can be found here
  • can we back off to bi-monthly maintenance? (Action item for Paul)
  • AWS initiative is going well, but slow recently because of personnel issues

PDAC StatusGregory Dubois-Felsmann

Gregory requests a shared admin (not root) account on lsst-dev for administration of Firefly.

Topics for next meeting

Action items

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