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This page is for listing areas in which we need to refine the DM design.  These will form the basis for tasks allocated to the Architecture team, particular DM teams, or cross-team working groups.

Fuzzy Areas

Areas for discussion and refinement where no common understanding exists.

  • Overall development/L2/L3 production architecture:
    • Making Tasks truly modular with clearly-defined interfaces.
    • Enabling clear and machine-modifiable sequencing and "wiring together" of Tasks.
    • Proper use of the Butler for Task I/O of all types (persistent, non-persistent, visualization).
    • Workflow system for orchestrating small or large numbers of Task and Task sequence executions.
  • Data access services:
    • How the Butler gets and provides access to remote resources.
    • How many kinds of APIs to provide to general users? VO, DAX, direct DB access, butler?
  • LSST commitment to VO support:
    • Which VO standards to support and which team(s) to work on them?
  • Archive ingest and file and metadata management
  • Format and transmission of alert packets
    • How far do we rely on "the community" to define VOEvent 2020 & associated transport protocol?
    • What capabilities will the "basic, limited capacity alert filtering service" (LSE-163 §4.5.2) provide?

Also see discussion at


Intended plan doc wishlist

[I (Frossie Economou) think this is the Confluence page I was told to add this list to in the co-ord meeting - sorry if it's the wrong page. For context this came from a list of what we either get asked about by the community and/or what we would like to have a better understanding of in pursuit of QA work - seed list courtesy of Unknown User (nidever)]

  1. What is our astrometry plan/strategy/approach ?
  2. What is our crowded field photometry plan/strategy/approach ?
  3. What is our difference imaging plan/strategy/approach?
  4. List of steps of full AP processing
  5. List of steps of full DRP processing
  6. What is our star/galaxy separation plan/strategy/approach?
  7. What is our plan/strategy/approach for how the PSF is defined and how the PSF stars are selected and vetted?
  8. What is our plan/strategy/approach for dealing with differential chromatic refraction, both in AP and DRP (UW team)
  9. What are the various components of an obs_* package and what is best practice on how to set up a new one?
  10. What is our plan/strategy/approach for exposing LSST data and services via VO protocols?






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  1. Editorial note: I suggest a series for short "white papers" or technical notes capturing what is the current intent of the project at any one time. SQuaRE is happy to help by creating an overview index document or if tasked to do so, badgering specific individuals for content.

  2. I'd simply say that a detailed  investigation of the L2 facility needs, and a refined understanding of  how the componets work in practice won't start until calendar 2016.


    I'll say that there are fuzzy thing related working detailed design of L1.  Not sure if this is relevant for the whole group.

  3. I'm not sure if it goes here, but I am also curious about the plan for pythonification and interoperability with other community tools (astropy).  I'm afraid if we don't actively schedule that work that it won't get done.