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May 28, 2014



  • Discuss blockers, closing May sprint

Discussion Items

Dependencies for Ubuntu 14.04

  • remove antlr
  • add curl, doxygen-latex, latex2html, flex, bison, openjdk-7-jdk, libcurl4-openssl-dev
  • longer-term, it'd be usefult to consider using lightweight containers (like Docker)
    • redhat 7 will support natively
    • open issue so that we don't forget [Jacek]


  • needs review, can wait for June relase

Serge needs to review

  • DM-516 easy, will review soon
  • DM-707 easy, will review soon
  • DM-705 - requires discussion, related to data distribution


Data distribution adhoc discussion

  • need to store somewhere
    • chunk --> node mapping
    • node configuration
    • node runtime information
  • we are talking about potentially 100K+ values (unless we pack)
  • accessed by replica management system, not by client nodes
  • actually, we should think about access patterns: what clients need from that "store", with what frequency etc
    • AndyS will start a draft
  • Zookeeper is most likely too heavy-weight for all the above
  • Might consider: cassandra, mysql cluster ndb, or maybe even through apache server
    • AndyS will checkout out if mysql cluster ndb makes sense to consider


  • spent time on fixing this (fixed during the meeting)


  • going with 2 sets of macros:
    • "log" = vararg printf style
    • "logf" = boost format style
  • prototype finished
  • Bill updating documentation now
  • next step: need to package (involves some restructuring)
    • should be done by next meeting (1 week)
    • open ticket [Jacek]
  • Fabrice will package log4cxx
  • Bill leaving SLAC mid-June
  • AndyS will maintain the code after Bill leaves

Daily Qserv hour?

  • 1pm pacific, daily
  • hangout only, no meeting room, no agenda
  • will try for some time and see how we like it

Releasing Qserv software

  • release branch names: releases/monthly/YYYY_MM
  • release tag names: YYYY_MM.x, where x is a sequential number starting from 0

May release

  • DM-630 goes in (non-partition table bug fix)
  • DM-613 goes in (minor tweaks to qserv_testdata)
  • all the rest pushed to next sprint

Action Items

  • Jacek Becla open new issues about (a) using lightweight containers, (b) packaging logging
  • Andy Salnikov produce draft doc about expected access patterns to data distribution related data store
  • Andy Salnikov research mysql cluster ndb