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May 21, 2014



  • Discuss blockers, short term plan and design
  • Design on git merge procedure and release cycle

Discussion Items

DM-198 (RefMatch)

  • need two solid days, requires some changes to TablePlugin
  • TablePlugin does a lot, might consider spliting it or organize code better
  • problem with paranthesis, not added where they should, need to open ticket, Serge will create the ticket


  • Boost and printf style, have version of code that does both.
  • Outstanding problem: performance when threashold is not met (turning off the logging code), time varies: 30nanosec - 2 milisec on slow lsst-dev03
  • menu of various implementations, describe delays, features. Then discuss. Will have that tomorrow.
  • requirements are in tension with one another
  • in qserv we prefer printf style
  • proposed name for the module: "log"

Issue with comments showing up as Robyn's if someone replies to automated email from Jira

  • Iain is looking into it


  • Moving to June, won't happen in May (work with start in May, soon)

DM-630 review

  • can wait until andyS is back


  • preferred process:
    • do all dirty work, squashing and rebasing in personal branch called /u/<userName>/DM-<issueNumber>
    • prepare the final, clean personal branch, send for review
    • reviewer needs to check and OK history cleanness 
    • after review done and comments applied and personal branch is clean again, push to official branch /tickets/DM-<issueNumber>
    • merge with master with no-fast-forward
  • rules
    • force push for personal branches - no problem at all
    • force push for official branches OK (once enabled) as long as the branch was not pushed to master. If it was pushed to master, that branch is read only forever
    • no force push to master, even if history is messed up a little
    • new people should not be allowed to push to master until they are well trained and prove they understand git well enough
  • let's see if the rest of DM buys into such model, we will consider adjusting if they decide to do something else.


Fabrice will send info to qserv-l about git bisect scripts he has access to

Fabrice has access to 20 virtual core (through OpenStack) at IN2P3 for testing

  • useful for testing different platforms
  • useful to test system dependencies that are needed
  • that will be used for specialized tests, we will still rely on buildbot for regular automated builds
  • need to find if/how developers can automatically trigger build of a specific branches in buildbot

memory leak in new xrootd client

  • Daniel should send valgrind log


  • work started during dev week
  • #1 priority for Serge after RefMatch done

Optimizations to empty chunk list

  • this is related to data loading
  • partitioner can generate that, easy when it has access to all data that is loaded
  • Generating objectId index is related to loader too

empty chunks and objId index work

  • look into that after loader is ready (or during work on loader)
  • ~1 month of worth
  • Daniel will open ticket

Qserv Release cycle

  • options on the table: 1 per DR (every 6 months) vs monthly
  • will do monthly
  • freeze date: 5 working days before end of each month
  • these 5 days reserved to make the release solid
  • only commits with blockers/critical fixes allowed during that period
  • Fabrice will help out with testing, Jacek will coordinate
  • monthly releases will correspond to monthly sprints in Jira Agile

Action Items