Notes from the previous meeting

Discussion items

(tick)Project news

Fritz Mueller :

  • participated in the budget scrub meeting to validate FY 2024 budget
  • PCW 2023 is open for registration; everyone is encouraged to do so
  • going to Tuscon next week; will be gone for the whole week; will join co-work meeting 
  • planning to go to Chile end of the next month

Colin Slater :

  • LSST Cam (at SLAC) is getting ready to be cooling 
  • production testing is to begin June the 2d
(tick)Using qserv-ingest  at UKDF for ingesting Gaia_EDR3 (continued from the last week)

Igor Gaponenko :

  • a possible bug in the Replication/Ingest system was reported by the UKDF folks and by Fabrice Jammes. It appears to affect the transaction commits when experimenting with tiny catalogs where no contributions are made in the scope of such transactions. It's under investigation. It shouldn't affect any real ingests. Still needs to be addressed.
    • TODO: the JIRA ticket is needed here.

Fabrice Jammes :

(tick)Alleged memory leak in the Replication Controller REST services (continued from the last week)

Igor Gaponenko on the current status:

  • A ticket with a fix and a bunch of improvements to the worker task monitoring is in review now:
  • The live demo at the meeting...
  • JEMALLOC is back in Qserv (thanks to Fritz Mueller ):

What's next?

(tick)DP0.2 static ObsCore update needed at SLAC (continued from the last week)

Fritz Mueller:

  • Done at all 3 Qserv instances
(minus)File-based result delivery, Qserv lockups (continued from the last week)

Igor Gaponenko :

  • it was on hold while working on higher-priority tasks. Now, I'm back to the thread. Started working on the following (which is required for implementing proper resource clean up at workers):


 Casandra at USDF (continued from the last week)

Fritz Mueller:

  • Meeting scheduled with Richard, Fritz, Andy, and Yee tomorrow to discuss near-term hardware options

Action items